2016 Top 50 Artists in Karaoke (#1 Most Played Artist)

Michael Amburgey karaoQ Charts

Karaoke is absolutely a social music experience and no year was more social for karaoke than 2016. With artists like Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo doing a duet in the Smule Karaoke app, to artists such as Adele and Lady Gaga jumpin in James Corden’s ride for some Carpool Karaoke, it was clear karaoke has continued a mass resurgance both in music entertainment, and across the vast social landscape of the internet.

With that all being said, this one artist that claims our #1 top spot is not only the most played artist in venues across the United States, but has taken a strong stance on the licensing of his music as the rights-holder. The one and only Garth Brooks. Just recently Garth made a big announcement, finally making his music available for streaming on Amazon Music; continuing to keep tight control over his entire catalog. However where karaoke is concerned, his music is still not directly licensed for karaoke – continuing to shed a light on industry opportunity to grow revenue and legitimacy where it is greatly needed.

KaraoQ loves our patrons, our DJs, KJs, and venue owners/operators that support the social music experience that is karaoke. We are also proudly born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee – Music City USA – and support those rights-holders (songwriters, artists) that continue to create the music that we love. We will continue to drive the industry forward in supporting a new way to reach and engage their fans, realize the full revenue opportunity of their music, and be a part of creating moments, memories, and magic in every night of karaoke!

Garth Brooks (undoubtedly due to all those whiskey-laden patrons crooning Friends in Low Places) takes our #1 spot in 2016’s Top 50 Artists in Karaoke

Rank Artist Name
1 Garth Brooks