2016 Top 50 Artists in Karaoke (21-30)

Michael Amburgey karaoQ Charts

The hits keep coming as we delve deeper into our Top 50 Artists in karaoke for 2016. Coming in just behind the Top 20 are a few surprises and some music legends. Positions 21-30 are dominated by pop/rock artists that transcend the entire music industry.

The most surprising on this list is Adele who inheritently has not licensed her music for karaoke directly, yet still clocks in at position #21. Ironically, Adele’s Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden was also 2016’s Most Viral Video

This only highlights the fact that artists and rightsholders still have a massive untapped opportunity in the karaoke industry to garner more royalties by clearing their music for use in karaoke. Streaming royaly rates payout between .0003 and .0690 per stream in USD. Compare streaming rates to the 12-15% royalty rate payout in karaoke, and it’s clear to see that there are some big opportunities to garner more revenue from the sleeping giant karaoke industry that is only going to continue to grow.

Rank Artist Name
30 R. Kelly
29 Little Big Town
28 Maroon 5
27 Patsy Cline
26 Coolio
25 Elvis Presley
24 Cher
23 Queen
22 Rascal Flatts
21 Adele
Top 11-20 Artists