2016 Top 50 Artists in Karaoke

Michael Amburgey karaoQ Charts

As 2016 comes to an end, another great year of music rang through stadium, arenas, festivals, and clubs all across the United States and the world. But the music didn’t stop there – in bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels, friends, family, and strangers alike gathered to patronage their favorite spot to become the artist and entertainment.

Whether it was a guy crooning his favorite country tune or a woman wowing the crowd while singing soprano to a powerful fan favorite, one thing was for sure – karaoke had a tremendous year and some moving and shaking happened in the charts for most performed artists.

The most performed artist in this list is undergoing a new renaissance in his career, and while it may not be surprising to karaoke-goers, it might be surprising to industry veterans who best understand music licensing and that this specific artist holds closely his catalog of crowd-pleasing favorites.

So first off, let’s stop with the Honorable Mentions – the 5 artists on the cusp of breaking into the Top 50 Most Performed Artists in karaoke.

Honorable Mentions