Karaoke’s mass-appeal in commercials and media – industry ready for upgrade and disruption

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What is karaoke?

Is it just something of frat guys do on the weekend to try to pick up chicks? Is it the way to get found on vocal ability and become the next Taylor Swift? Maybe it’s a “Not Made In America” American past-time that resonates with millennials and baby-boomers alike. Whether you are in a karaoke venue crooning to New York State of Mind, practicing your dance moves on stage performing to a Bruno Mars Top 40 hit, or rocking some back-catalog tracks from top karaoke artists like Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name or Madonna’s Like A Virgin, one thing is for sure – karaoke is EVERYWHERE — especially lately.

But wait – there is a problem. That problem is inefficiency – and in a bigger way than you might realize. Yes, we’ve all “been there, done that” with having to flip through this old nasty songbook trying to find a new song to impress our  friends, only to find out that songbook is outdated and doesn’t have the newest Top 40 radio hits. Then we all have to scratch our names down on a piece of paper in a dim bar and the walk of shame to the DJ to get in the queue – only to be turned away because the song is too slow, has already been played, or he simply doesn’t have it anymore.  There has to be a better way, right? RIGHT?

The answer is YES. There is. That answer is karaoQ – a uniquely engaging mobile app for patrons and performers to instantly connect to any venue that is “karaoQ enabled” and browse a digital songbook, then with the click of a button, fall into the queue and see exactly how long they have to down 3 jello shots and a Miller Lite before they rock the stage with Friends In Low Places by Garth Brooks. And if your girlfriend is ready to go but you still wanted a chance to woo the crowd with your rendition of “Bye, Bye, Bye” by N-Sync, the app has an intelligent feature sure to please patrons and DJs alike – the +BUMP! This feature allows patrons to jump the queue, skip the line, and sing now – all in exchange for a tip to the DJ – all done within the app itself. Talk about disruption.

All of this, and the mass appeal of karaoke couldn’t be higher than it is today. Commercials are gravitating to the niche entertainment space of karaoke to promote natural-fit products like Miller Lite, but then everything from Geico to Mitsubushi Cooling Units and McDonalds Chicken McNuggets.  Even popular TV shows like Portlandia and movies like Lost In Translation and Bill Murray’s more than epic karaoke performance of More Than This.

One thing is for sure – karaoke is EVERYWHERE and is on the fast-track to become more relevant as the entire karaoke experience becomes instantly upgraded by an app and platform like karaoQ – and the opportunity to blackmail your friends for their sloshy performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen becomes even greater!

And remember – karaoke is also a great dating tool. Say goodbye to Match.com and Tindr – karaoQ is your new chance at a date — if you can hit all the right notes!

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