karaoQ at Music Biz 2016: Starting Up In Music Tech: The Agony & The Ecstasy

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This panel explored the promise and the reality of building and growing a startup in music tech – the good, the bad and the ugly. They covered topics such as moving from idea to business model, from business model to customer discovery, to product development, to business creation and growth.  Across this spectrum, the panelists discussed the opportunities and challenges of innovation in the music industry, forming partnerships with majors, tackling the tough problems of licensing, data sharing and the like. The goal was to present a complete picture, warts and all, informing attending entrepreneurs and industry players, alike, with information that helped everyone build a more vibrant, viable music tech startup community. In addition to the industry-specific matters noted above, they also looked at how to solve the pressing problems of bootstrapping versus raising capital, developing the right product for the right market, acquiring first customers and scaling. More on the Panel

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Michael Amburgey is CEO and Co-Founder of hiVolume Media Company and leads the company’s flagship product karaoQ, a new, modernized, digital way to enhance any karaoke experience for venues across the U.S. and, eventually, the world. Amburgey’s passion for music stems from a long family history in the music industry starting with his great aunts who composed the first all-female Bluegrass/Gospel string band called The Sunshine Sisters and his grandfather who married Virginia Wynette Pugh and help shape her into the woman most know as Tammy Wynette. Amburgey’s creative outlet became technology at an early age, building his high school’s first prom-voting website, starting a web design company at 19, working for Dell Computers, and later a 10 year career at Caterpillar.