karaoQ Selected for The TENN program from LaunchTN

Michael Amburgey News & Press

karaoQ among eight new companies to participate in Launch Tennessee startup initiative, The Tenn.

Now in its third year, The Tenn provides a group of Tennessee startups with mentors, training on business management and day-to-day issues and a week-long trip to California and New York in which the entrepreneurs can connect with other company leaders and investors. Companies are chosen from the business accelerators located throughout the state.

“We look forward to working with this diverse group of early-stage companies who are all outstanding graduates and representatives of Tennessee’s network of entrepreneur centers,” Charlie Brock, CEO of Launch Tennessee, said in a statement. “The TENN program will offer them another level of support with increased exposure as well as networking opportunities to investors, mentors and potential customers.”

The program will begin Oct. 21, and will end with a demo-day in the spring of 2016.

Nashville companies KaraoQ and Remix Hits were among those selected. LaunchTN provided the following descriptions of The Tenn companies:

Branch Technology, of Chattanooga’s Gigtank: Branch Technology combines free-form 3D printing technology, large scale industrial robots and conventional construction materials to create buildings without design limits.

DivorceSecure, of Memphis’ StartCo: DivorceSecure is a workflow and collaboration platform for divorce attorneys to automate and streamline the intake process, create a negotiation strategy based on the clients’ preferences.

Innovasan, of Knoxville’s Co.Lab: Innovasan has created the only technology solution for affordable, sustainable and safe on-site treatment of fluid medical waste in hospitals, surgery centers and other medical treatment facilities.

KaraoQ, of Nashville’s Project Music: KaraoQ develops technologies that enhance how people interact and engage in venues by digitizing the antiquated karaoke experience for nightlife enthusiasts.

LendMed, of Memphis’ StartCo: LendMed’s platform provides hospitals a controlled environment for borrowing and lending medical supplies, allowing them to initiate requests, approve requests, and keep an itemized accounting system of debts.

Preteckt, of Memphis’ StartCo: Preteckt predicts vehicle breakdowns before they happen through hardware that is placed into the vehicle’s sensor data, which extracts over 16,000 signals in real-time.

Remix Hits, of Nashville’s Project Music: Remix Hits turns licensed hit songs into software to aid music creators in the sampling/remix process, along with an automated licensing system that instantly determines royalty splits upon upload.

Sing and Spell, of Knoxville’s Mediaworks: Sing and Spell has created an animated, musical program that teaches pre-preschoolers alphabet letter basics through lessons and original songs.