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A few years ago when I attended college a few friends of mine on a Wednesday night loved going to the local bar getting our beer specials and then hopping across the street to the next bar for some karaoke. This bar wasn’t the biggest bar, but it sure did pack the house when karaoke went on. They had the same KJ (karaoke jockey) each week that brought their own laptop and a handful of binders that contained the songs they could play. As the night went on we drank more & more and felt the need to feel like a rock star for just a few minutes. Digging through the archive of songs we took a note card, wrote our name on it, and then picked the song that we wanted to do. We were number 15 in line, so to kill some time we enjoyed a few more beers with the others who had to wait in line.

This type of organization is not user friendly for both parties. We totally forgot our place in line several times and my friends became a little annoying to the KJ by asking him what place we were in several times. Some people who were in line also left without telling the KJ. The KJ then had to reorganize the line with large gaps of music not being played. This defiantly killed the vibe of the venue.

But look no further!

I was able to meet Michael Amburgey and Randy Hall at Crema in Nashville who solved all these problems. I would like to introduce to you KaraoQ from hiVolume Media Company. KaraoQ is an iOS and Android mobile app with the capabilities of a web platform as well. The karaoke industry is a $15B industry yearly and KaraoQ is going to give a 360-degree social media experience for its users.

The KaraoQ app  also provides multiple revenue streams for artists, record labels, venues, KJ’s, and even alcohol companies. On the backend of the software, it also provides a wide range of analytics. The software can track what songs people sang, what they were drinking, how much they spent, and almost any human behavior when users log onto the app.


On the front end of the KaraoQ app, users are able to check-in to a venue and browse through a digital songbook the KJ has already set up. However, Michael and Randy gave me a little sneak peak on what is next with KaraoQ; which is KaraoQ version 2. This will be the 360-degree social experience where they integrated a social feed on member activity, get redeemable awards, order drinks at the venue, practice mode, order Uber rides, and more. KaraoQ V2 is expected to release at the beginning of the year 2016.

The KaraoQ app development was achieved by the support of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center by Project Music. Within a one-year span the guys at KaraoQ have achieved so much with many milestones. 2016 will be the year these guys change the karaoke industry. I mean… KaraoQ is the Spotify of karaoke.

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The men behind the making of the app. (Left, Randy Hall. Middle, Michael Amburgey. Right, Catt Damon)