kiosQ - Digital Karaoke Signup Kiosk


Michael Amburgey News & Press

Great news on the karaoQ platform!

KJs and DJs using our Connect platform will see enhanced performer matching on our kiosQ app. 

kiosQ is the built-in, free-standing song request app within the Connect platform that allows KJs to set the kiosQ up on a tablet or performer-facing touchscreen or PC and allow patrons to sign-up for songs within seconds.

The new update is #1 of 2 updates coming this month.

This update enhances performer matching to increase likelihood of performers getting matched back to themselves when using the kiosQ previously. This update prepares us for update #2 coming at the end of this month.

Update #2 includes the ability for performers to sign up for a song and also save their performer history by entering an email or phone number, and choosing a PIN or passcode. 

The kiosQ will also have 2 main tabs (Choose Your Song and My Song History). My Song History will be enabled when the performer signs in with their aforementioned email or phone number, and PIN or passcode.

No more needing to ask the KJ what songs I’ve sang in the past. It’s all available on the kiosQ update coming in the next week! 

The interface for kiosQ will also be drastically updated and fully responsive.