Business Startup Spotlight: karaoQ

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  An estimated 93% of DJs still use printed songbooks and paper-slips for patrons. This becomes an exhaustive expense for the DJ and venue. The resulting pains are a negative experience for patrons and result in lower dwell times, less repeat patronage, and fewer dollars spent in-venue.  

karaoQ at Music Biz 2016: Starting Up In Music Tech: The Agony & The Ecstasy

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  This panel explored the promise and the reality of building and growing a startup in music tech – the good, the bad and the ugly. They covered topics such as moving from idea to business model, from business model to customer discovery, to product development, to business creation and growth.  Across this spectrum, the panelists discussed the opportunities and challenges of …

Moving the Karaoke Industry into this Century

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Moving the Karaoke Industry into this Century with Michael Amburgey of KaraoQ Michael Amburgey, Founder and CEO of hiVolume Media Co. and their flagship product KaraoQ, talks with us about rolling out their karaoke app and replacing old, tedious processes with new technology. He talks about the value props not only to the venues, but to the KJs and patrons …

Karaoke Summit 15 focuses on industry legitimacy, growth, and innovation

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Karaoke Summit 15 – the live webcast from Knoxville and Nashville covering the state of the karaoke industry with topics covering the industry’s brand, piracy, legitimacy, profitability, growth, innovation, and a focus to venues and KJs across the world. The event was hosted with an opening monologue from Dr. Drax, CEO of the American Disc Jockey Association Karaoke Summit 15 …

Karaoke – The Sleeping Giant | Meet karaoQ – a SaaS brings insight, data, and transparency to the music industry

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A vast market with little to no transparency Much has been said about where the music industry has come from and where it’s headed. From the age of vinyl to 8-track, cassette to CD, MP3 to streaming; the way people consume, purchase, and access music in physical or digital format has changed drastically over the last five years, much less the …