Business Startup Spotlight: karaoQ

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  An estimated 93% of DJs still use printed songbooks and paper-slips for patrons. This becomes an exhaustive expense for the DJ and venue. The resulting pains are a negative experience for patrons and result in lower dwell times, less repeat patronage, and fewer dollars spent in-venue.  

KEC: Startup Success Looks Like This

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This is What “Startup Success” Looks Like Read original article here by Jonathan Sexton Startup Success, for better or for worse, is usually measured by “amount of funds raised.”  I’m not here to contradict that.  “Access to Capital” is critical to the success of a young business, especially one that’s proven it solves a problem and has some traction in …

karaoQ CEO Michael Amburgey Pitches at Project Music Startup Showcase

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April 23, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee Michael Amburgey, CEO and Co-Founder of hiVolume Media Company dba karaoQ pitched our launch product along with 7 other CEOs as part of the Project Music Startup Showcase. Project Music is a 14-week music-tech accelerator that is the first of it’s kind here in the United States. Spurred by the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Project Music …