Business Startup Spotlight: karaoQ

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  An estimated 93% of DJs still use printed songbooks and paper-slips for patrons. This becomes an exhaustive expense for the DJ and venue. The resulting pains are a negative experience for patrons and result in lower dwell times, less repeat patronage, and fewer dollars spent in-venue.  

How the karaoQ360 can increase revenue, patron engagement

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HOW THE KARAOQ360 PLATFORM CAN 2X A KJS INCOME (VIDEO) Joe Vangieri CEO DigiTrax Entertainment and Michael Amburgey CEO KaraoQ / hiVol Media explain how to 2x, 3x or 4x your income (video below) The Karaoke Summit 2015 introduced the KaraoQ and KaraoQ360 platform (Karaoki, Karaoke Cloud Pro and KaraoQ) to KJs throughout the globe via live stream two weeks ago and …

KEC: Startup Success Looks Like This

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This is What “Startup Success” Looks Like Read original article here by Jonathan Sexton Startup Success, for better or for worse, is usually measured by “amount of funds raised.”  I’m not here to contradict that.  “Access to Capital” is critical to the success of a young business, especially one that’s proven it solves a problem and has some traction in …

karaoQ at Music Biz 2016: Starting Up In Music Tech: The Agony & The Ecstasy

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  This panel explored the promise and the reality of building and growing a startup in music tech – the good, the bad and the ugly. They covered topics such as moving from idea to business model, from business model to customer discovery, to product development, to business creation and growth.  Across this spectrum, the panelists discussed the opportunities and challenges of …

Karaoke Q&A turns to karaoQ&A with CEO/Co-Founder Michael Amburgey

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Hal and Joanie of KaraokeQnA podcasts sit down with Michael Amburgey, Founder & CEO of HiVolume Media Company Inc, to discuss the upcoming KaraoQ and KaraoQ360 mobile request platforms. LEARN MORE ABOUT KARAOQ360 Want to know more about what KaraoQ and KaraoQ360(Karaoki is included in the KaraoQ360 package) are doing for DJs, KJs, and venues hosting karaoke across the U.S.? …

Featured KJ

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              In this new series, karaoQ focuses on the KJs that make the magic happen, helping to create moments, memories, and excitement at your favorite karaoke spot! In the first of many, we have Timo Hernandez, owner and lead KJ for Party 210 in San Antonio. Party 210 focuses on everything from hosting nights …

Karaoke – The Sleeping Giant | Meet karaoQ – a SaaS brings insight, data, and transparency to the music industry

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A vast market with little to no transparency Much has been said about where the music industry has come from and where it’s headed. From the age of vinyl to 8-track, cassette to CD, MP3 to streaming; the way people consume, purchase, and access music in physical or digital format has changed drastically over the last five years, much less the …