Queuing Up Students for Success in the Workplace


At hiVolume Media, we are all about queuing up the next big thing and that includes higher learning and beyond. The karaoQ Crew has a very inclusive and diverse workforce made up of a wide array of educational and professional experience backgrounds. This diversity allows us to be agile, creative, and think outside of the box of what is considered normal. This allows our crew to always be ready and willing to listen, learn, and grow.

We look to provide that same experience to students at any level of higher-learning that are anxious to enter the workforce but need real-world, hands-on, team-oriented experience before doing so. When most corporate companies have very limited numbers of internships and cookie-cutter on-boarding programs, the karaoQ Crew will help immerse students in real-world technology and applications, give hands-on development and deployment skills, while also gaining knowledge and experience working in teams, communication, project planning, deployment, testing and peer review.

Our program offers these same students a Letter of Recommendation from our CEO, CIO, and COO – as well as an online profile in our careerQ Student directory along with related contact information – giving these students exposure to our more than 10,000 monthly visitors. For some students, this may even mean future job opportunities with our company or other thriving companies and startups in Tennessee or beyond.

For more information, you can reach our program coordinator via or fill out the information below and we will be in touch.